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JAWS Topper to Cost Less than Last Several Stern Toppers; Is an Aerosmith Anniversary Edition Coming?

Updated: Jun 8

Earlier this week I broke the news here that the accessories for Stern Pinball's JAWS pinball machine will be revealed within the next week. It turns out I was right :). Stern is scheduled to reveal them with a trailer on YouTube on Tuesday, June 11th at Noon.

In the meantime, I have pricing information on the accessories that I haven't seen anywhere else yet. I've heard that the JAWS topper is not as fancy as the Black Knight Sword of Rage topper or the Foo Fighters topper, but the good news is that it won't cost $2,000 like those toppers did either. JAWS topper's MSRP will be $999.

Prices for the other JAWS accessories are as follows:

Art Blades: $99.99

Shooter Knob: $149.99

Armor: $249.99

Speaker Light Kit: $199.99


I mentioned in my last post that on my recent tour of the factory, I saw several boxes of decals for Stern Pinball's 2017 pinball machine Aerosmith. I'm starting to hear rumblings that Stern may be doing another run of the game in honor of some anniversary for the band. The band itself was founded in 1973, so it wouldn't be that, but the anniversary of one of Aerosmith's big albums is coming up early next year.

Toys in the Attic was released on April 8, 1975. It contained the band's big hits "Sweet Emotion" and the original version of "Walk This Way." I could see Stern running some Aerosmiths in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of Toys in the Attic.

I rarely see Aerosmiths on location and most of the ones that I do see do not have Stern's Insider Connected system because it didn't exist when the pin came out. For the game to have Insider Connected, operators have to buy a kit and install it in the game. As a result, I always get excited when I find a Connected one in the wild. It lets me hunt for those elusive Aerosmith achievements.

Do I know for certain that another run of Aerosmith is coming? NO. Have I heard rumors and is it fun to speculate about? YES!

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Robin Kaplan
Robin Kaplan
5 days ago

Hello! I do have an Aerosmith Premium that is connected to insider connect. How? Via a dongle my friend, Scott, installed. No need to purchase the kit. No need for a new machine. Score!!


Awesome, ready to order this on Tuesday. Other than my Star Wars (missed out on R2D2), Jaws is my only game without a topper.


No jaws speaker lights? I could have sworn Gomez and the accessories manager mentioned they would be for sale.

Jun 08
Replying to

They definitely said that Speaker Lights would be available for non-sales at some point. The information that I saw about the upcoming accessories didn’t mention them though. Maybe they aren’t ready yet?

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