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Jersey Jack Pinball Godfather Production Update + Rumors About Upcoming Titles

This afternoon Jersey Jack Pinball shared a brief production update for its latest game, The Godfather. JJP is currently producing Collector's Edition games that for export to Europe. CE machines for U.S. customers are slated to begin production in July.

As production for The Godfather continues at a solid pace, I have been wondering to myself whether we will see another new game from Jersey Jack during calendar year 2023. I do not know definitively whether we will, but I'm leaning towards yes we probably will see a new JJP title very late in the year. Jersey Jack doesn't get credit for shipping its last two games, Toy Story 4 and The Godfather, within the same twelve month period. Even so, I really think that JJP would like to launch two games within the same calendar year if possible.

I don't know for certain what Jersey Jack's potential late-2023 game will be, but I can tell you what I've heard it most likely is NOT, The Matrix. Despite speculation that JJP has the license for The Matrix, including an article that I wrote here showing potential Matrix Easter Eggs that JJP has dropped, I recently heard that not only is Jersey Jack's next game not The Matrix, JJP does not even have the license for the movie at all...another company does (Stern, cough, Jack Danger, cough). Is this true? Only time will tell, but I personally believe it.

Speaking of licenses, you know what license I heard Jersey Jack recently obtained? None other than Indiana Jones. Now that rumor is strange, because I've heard in the past that Stern Pinball secured the license to Indiana Jones. Is it possible that both Stern and Jersey Jack would make a pin for the same theme?! I find that fairly hard to believe. Maybe Stern is no longer making Indiana Jones and Jersey Jack is? Maybe they both are? Maybe what I heard is a bunch of bunk? Again, I'm inclined to believe the JJP Indiana Jones rumor, but I don't know for sure. If I did, I probably legally wouldn't be allowed to say :) . If Indiana Jones is really coming from JJP, it likely wouldn't be next.

Could you imagine how awesome a Jersey Jack Indiana Jones with a large bill of materials would be? Oh man, I'm drooling at the thought. I LOVE that franchise.

As always, if anyone out there has any good pinball or arcade rumors, I'm all ears. Shoot me a message on Facebook, here on the website or at . Thanks!

P.S. Despite recent rumblings that Jack has been telling people JJP doesn't have the Harry Potter license. I STRONGLY believe that they do, but a Harry Potter pin is still a couple of years out. I recently heard another independent confirmation that Kaminkow had the HP license all set up for Stern and that someone at the company who does licensing really dropped the ball, allowing Jersey Jack to snag it.

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Pinball Party
Pinball Party

If Jack has Matrix I'll just deposit $12k USD into his checking account right meow.


Love that the rumor mills are churning again! Dueling Indiana Jones pins, that’s nuts!

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