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Jersey Jack Pinball Launches New Accessories Line for The Godfather Limited Edition

This afternoon, the pinball distributor Flip N Out shared pictures of a new line of accessories from Jersey Jack Pinball for the Limited Edition of its latest game, The Godfather. The new accessories include the following:

- Motorized Gangster Interactive Topper

- Silver Lion Leg Covers & Action Button Applique

- Horse Head Shooter Rod

- Interior Art Blades

Pricing for the items may vary, but Flip N Out is selling them on its website for $1,500 for all four or individually at $999 for the topper, $499 for the leg and action button accessories, $149.99 for the art blades and $129.99 for the shooter rod.

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1 Comment

Weren't those leggers supposed to be exclusive to the CE? I guess they got some left over

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