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Jersey Jack Pinball Likely to Release Next Game in November

You never know when you're going to find new pinball news. This afternoon I stumbled across a few interesting tidbits in a new RePlay Magazine interview with Jersey Jack Pinball's founder Jack Guarnieri.

According to the article:

“We actually had to buy more parts to build more Platinum Edition games,” Guarnieri said of the latest pin.


Guarnieri also teased that Jersey Jack Pinball fans can expect a new game later this year with a likely IAAPA Expo release.

Let's talk about the second quote first. I had expected to see JJP's next pinball machine sometime this summer, but according to the Jack they will likely release their next game around IAAPA. This year, the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions trade show (aka IAAPA) is scheduled to take place from November 19th through the 22nd in Orlando, Florida.

Now for the first quote. According to Jack, JJP's Elton John sales have been so strong that the Company had to order more parts to build more Platinum Edition machines. I'm glad to hear that the game is starting to sell well after a reportedly slow start. The more pinball out there, the better!

RePlay Magazine: Jersey Jack Pinball – May 2024

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