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Jersey Jack Pinball Shares Video Teaser That Confirms Next Game is Elton John

Enhance! Enhance!

Moments ago Jersey Jack Pinball shared a brief teaser video of the its next pinball machine, which it is scheduled to reveal tomorrow at Pinball Expo. From the snapshots of the video below, one can see Elton John's face on the front of the machine's cabinet.

I finally got the Facebook video to embed on my site. See below.

New Game Launch Tomorrow!

Game sales will begin tomorrow (October 19th) at 12PM EDT! Contact your local authorized Jersey Jack Pinball distributor to place your order. A full list of our distributor partners can be found at

The new game will be playable at Chicago Pinball Expo! Join us tomorrow night at 8PM CT for our seminar hosted by Jersey Jack Guarnieri, Steve Ritchie and the creative team. This will be the first public showing of Steve Ritchie's latest game!

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