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Jersey Jack Pinball Teases Production Start for New Game - UPDATE

Updated: May 5, 2022

A few minutes ago, Jersey Jack Pinball teased the start of production for its next game on its social media channels. This basically confirms the post that I made a week ago or so speculating that the new JJP game was on the line because the company had stopped giving factory tours. I can’t wait to see what the company has in store.

As far as timing goes, the game definitely will not be at this weekend’s Pinfest in Allentown, Pennsylvania. I believe that the next major show after Pinfest is Pintastic New England from June 23rd through the 26th. While I don’t know for certain, and the game may be teased before then, it’s difficult to say whether the new JJP game will debut at the show. It’s probably going to be close.

UPDATE: Todd Tuckey recently stated that Mike Dadonna’s Automated Services booth at Pintastic New England will have the game for the public to play. This is the first definitive statement that I’ve seen on the subject.

Here’s the text of the Company’s earlier post:

Spring is considered to be the season of new beginnings. Let's make this a season to remember!

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