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John Wick Shows Up on Stern Pinball's Insider Connected App

Hot off the press at Pinside, someone looked up the Stern Factory on the Insider Connected app and saw that "John Wick Pro" was listed as one of the games at that location. That pretty much confirms what I first mentioned on this site back in July, that John Wick pinball is coming from Stern. Very exciting.

We know from an early production update that I shared that mass production of Stern's next cornerstone game is on the schedule at the factory for May. It doesn't look like we're going to see a teaser for it this week, but one has to be coming soon.

I'm optimistic that we will see some cool mechs in John Wick, as the game's designer is a former engineer at Stern.

The App no longer shows John Wick listed as available to play at the factory arcade. I did not personally grab this screenshot, so it's always possible that these images were doctored but I personally am inclined to believe that it was on there and that when Stern found out they removed it. We'll see very soon.


Stern Pinball Supposedly Has the License For John Wick

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Walt Wood
Walt Wood
May 04

Was pokemon listed as well ? 😘


Harder and harder to keep these things a secret nowadays (if that’s what their intentions still are). Must have been a blooper or something. Who is the designer? We’re not talking Ritchie, right? Or is it someone newer that jumped ship? Would be weird if it was Ritchie, as that ship sailed a while back, and design would be older.

May 03
Replying to

It's not Steve Ritchie


Nice, looking forward to this one.

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