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Keep an Eye Out for The Princess Bride Pinball People at Expo

Updated: Oct 19

Here's a quick update on The Princess Bride pinball story from yesterday. To make a long story short for those of you who missed my previous article, on Monday I received an anonymous e-mail with a link to a website that says an unnamed company is making a pinball machine based on the 1987 film The Princess Bride.

While on the website, I entered my e-mail address to get on the mailing list. A little while ago, whoever created that site sent a message out to the list. And it wasn't just me who received it, others have reached out to me to let me know that they've gotten it as well (thanks to everyone who did. I always really appreciate news tips).

Here's the message that I received:

The folks who sent this message called themselves "a group of long-time pinball developers." Not only that but they said that they will be at Pinball Expo. So keep your eyes peeled this weekend and let me know if you see anyone who looks like a big fan or fans of The Princess Bride lol.

I still don't know if this whole thing is real or what is becoming an increasingly elaborate prank, but it sure is interesting to talk about. I loved The Princess Bride when I was younger and think that it would make a great pin.

The following picture is only a random one that I found on the web, but it looks better than using an e-mail as the cover photo for this article :)

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