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Rumored Labyrinth Pinball Production Schedule

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Good morning everyone. Happy weekend! I bring you interesting pinball news on this rainy Saturday morning here (we'll, interesting to me at least lol).

According to what I'm hearing, Barrels of Fun Pinball is bringing something like 10 Labyrinth machines to next week's Chicago Pinball Expo for the public to play. Think of it as a very visible public location testing of their brand new game.

The Company will then produce and ship approximately 150 games between then and April 2024. These first 150 early run units for early adopters will help Barrels of Fun make sure that the machines are rock solid. The remainder of the 1,100 machine run will begin shipping in April.

Again, this information did not come directly from the company, but it is the word on the street so to speak. I can't wait to see Labyrinth in action! So far the game from the people formerly known as Mystery Pinball Conpany has blown away my expectations.

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