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Stern Pinball Issues "Last Call" for Current Home Edition Machines

While listening to my favorite pinball podcast this afternoon, The Pinball Show featuring Zach and Dennis (the Super Awesome Pinball Show is a close second due to its significantly less consistent schedule), I learned that the year-end Holiday production run of Stern Pinball's "Home Edition" pinball machines that I talked about here last week will actually be the Last Call for both Stern's Star Wars (Regular and Comic) and surprisingly Jurassic Park Home Edition Machines. I had been lead to believe that the Jurassic Home Edition had been fairly well received by the public, but ending production of it so soon may indicate otherwise.

I spoke with George Gomez a few minutes ago and he clarified that this "Last Call" doesn't necessarily mean that Home Edition machines in general are done at Stern, just that these two specific titles are done for now. George stated he's "pretty sure you’ll see more" Home Edition machines in the future.

While I don't personally have anything against the Home Edition line of games, on a personal level I am actually kind of happy to see Stern pull back on them for now. I say this because doing so will enable Stern to allocate more resources towards building full-fledged machines which I personally am much more likely to play on location or buy.

Click on the link below to hear this segment of Zach's Stern Pinball production update and other interesting news items:

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