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Lior The Art of Pinball to Begin Making Official Products for Pinball Manufacturer

This morning, the well-know pinball aftermarket mod manufacturer Lior and his company The Art of Pinball announced that they have begun doing work for an OEM Pinball Manufacturer (OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer, showing my auto industry roots). The Art of Pinball will begin doing "whole production of the sculptures, mods and design for this company" in addition to official mods and toppers for the yet-to-be-named company, which should be officially announced sometime in the next couple of weeks.

In addition to that exciting news, they are moving to a new, larger studio in a different city. They hope that the move will be complete by July. Congratulations to Lior!

Anyone who is interested in checking out some of the cool mods that The Art of Pinball has already made can check out their shop on the Little Shop of Games website. I've included pictures of several of them below.

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