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Look at a Prototype Mech from Spooky Pinball's Next Game?

Shhhhh...hear that? Neither do I. It sure has been a quiet start to the week in the world of arcade and pinball. Let's create some news :).

Spooky Pinball recently sent Kaneda's Pinball Podcast a package of cool stuff, including a bunch of things that he can give away to his listeners. By far, the most interesting thing in the package was a box that had a note on it that said "Oh look gang, a clue!" and contained a prototype mech what they seem to have implied is for Spooky's next pinball machine. It's possible that this was an unused mech for Scooby-Doo, but to me they way it was worded implies that it's something new. We'll see. If it's for Spooky's next game, that's really cool. You never see pinball companies share a look at parts for their next game before it's even announced.

I've included pictures of the mechanism below. It appears to me a moving bookshelf that slides left and right on a track. Hmmmmm. What theme would include a moving bookshelf? Let me know in the comments below because I'm completely stumped. This doesn't really seem to fit the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which is a rumored upcoming Spooky game theme. Some people on the Internet do talk about bookshelves in reference to another rumored Spooky Pinball theme Evil Dead, but that mostly involves bookshelves falling on the protagonist Ash, not some sort of secret sliding shelf.

On a related note, Spooky Pinball did an impromptu Twitch stream of its latest game, Scooby-Doo, with Zach and Greg from Straight Down the Middle, The Pinball Network and Flip N Out Pinball on Tuesday night. I was at my son's lacrosse practice so I didn't watch it live, but I caught up on it with the replay afterwards. During the stream, Spooky announced that on the Bug's Stream N Scream Twitch broadcast next Thursday (not tonight) they are going to be giving away a "secret prototype part for their next game." So perhaps one of these bookshelves could be yours or if it is an unused Scooby part we'll get a peak at the first mech from Spooky's upcoming game. We'll have to tune in to find out.

During the aforementioned stream, renowned pinball artist Christopher Franchi chimed in in the comments section during a discussion about Spooky Pinball's next game saying "I know what it is!" This seems to imply that Spooky's next pinball machine will have Franchi art. Spooky also mentioned that there is "a bunch of flippers" in its next game.

Below is a link to the recent Spooky Pinball - SDTM Twitch Stream for anyone wants to check it out. It looked like they all had a great time.

A snapshot of the Spooky Pinball stream:

A scene from Evil Dead:

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