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Major Canadian Game Distributor Sold; Jersey Jack Begins Sending Showroom Elton Johns to Distros

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

This morning, the Canadian company Cineplex announced that it is selling its huge arcade and pinball distribution business, Player One Amusement Group for a whopping $155 million. The business was purchased by an international investment company called OpenGate Capital.

As part of the deal, Player One will continue to supply games to Cineplex, Rec Room and Junxion locations. Player One "has amassed 37,000 pieces of equipment serving 3,800 locations. Its website also says it has 19 offices and roughly 500 employees" so this is a very significant deal.

In other news, Jersey Jack Pinball has begun shipping its new Elton John pinball machines to distributors to be used as showroom games. Below is a picture of one that just arrived at the distributor Great American Pinball. The shipment of games to consumers can't be far behind.

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