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MIRCO Pinball Drops the Ball with Tales of the Arabian Nights 2.0 Kit

Despite making a big presentation about it at last year's Texas Pinball Festival and still showing it for sale up on its website, it seems as though MIRCO, the oft-criticized pinball playfield manufacturer, is no longer involved in the production of the 2.0 kits for Williams' 1996 classic Tales of the Arabian Nights pinball machines.

I recently corresponded with the TOTAN 2.0 HD programmer, Benoit, on the subject. He has been sharing videos of the kit's development throughout the process up on YouTube, including two brand new videos that just went up yesterday that I embedded below.

Benoit is actively looking for a new company to partner with on the production of TOTAN 2.0 kits. This seems like the sort of project that Pedretti Gaming, maker of the previously released FunHouse 2.0 kit, should team up with Benoit to finish. Pedretti has been teasing the release of its second Williams 2.0 kit soon.

I believe that MIRCO has already sold some kits to people. I'm not sure what happens to those kits / people, but I wouldn't think that MIRCO will provide any support for them going forward.

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