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Mirco Presents Williams Tales of the Arabian Nights The Forgotten Tales at TPF

Minutes ago, the playfield manufacturer Mirco gave a presentation on its new Williams Tales of the Arabian Nights 2.0 aka The Forgotten Tales kits at the Texas Pinball Festival. Hot off the press, here’s my notes and pictures from the seminar:

- Adds Auto-plunger and Ball Save. Must remove knocker to install auto-plunger because it runs on the same driver.

- Eliminate bugs & exploits from original code

- 7 new modes

- Original TOTAN voice actors

- 5 Multiballs

- 1 new Wizard Mode

- Ability to choose between original and new code at start

- New Music

- New speaker panel with LEDs that highlight game modes

- New backbox speakers and subwoofer

- Color DMD

- First 50 kits sold are Beta Testers who will receive a special gift that is yet to be decided

- $2,500, including shipping to EU & US. Shipping soon. Only sold through Mirco website

- 2 year warranty in Europe. Does not know what US warranty will be, 30 or 60 days perhaps.

- Would not answer repeated questions about playfields or Jersey Jack. The audience seemed fairly hostile. My wife: “What are you listening to?! It sounds like a CEO making excuses for why a business isn’t doing well.”

- Here's a link to the entire half hour presentation on Twitch:

My setup…Mexican takeout, cerveza in a Williams pinball mug, an iPad with the stream & notes.

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