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More Fuel for the Another Run of Stranger Things is Coming from Stern Fire

We've been talking about the mysterious hole in Stern Pinball's production schedule for November and December for a number of weeks now. Some people think that Stern is going to fill the hole with some sort of limited run botique pinball machine, possibly a Kapow.

A new botique pin is definitely possible, but I'm here to add more fuel to the Stern is going to do another run of Stranger Things fire. I've been hearing from distributors that parts for Stranger Things that have been back ordered for quite a while are all of a sudden available in abundance.

The newfound availability of parts for the game could just be a coincidence, but when combined with recent hints from its designer Brian Eddy and George Gomez sure make it sound possible that we are going to see Stranger Things on the line at Stern's new factory before the end of the year. Do I know for certain that this is going to happen? Nope, but it sure is fun to talk about.

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