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More Smoke from the Stern Pinball - Ozzy Osbourne Rumor Fire

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

The fine folks at Stern Pinball have been known to pull shenanigans with their social media accounts from time to time, hiding Easter eggs, dropping hints about potential games, etc… A little while ago Stern shared a post on Instagram showing that the famous rocker that we’ve been talking so much about lately just followed the company’s account. This certainly is going to add more fuel to the fire that Ozzy Osbourne is somehow involved in the upcoming Stern pinball machine that it is rumored to be showing off next week at San Diego Comic Con.

Is Ozzy Osbourne doing callouts for the game as a known character in the Venom universe? Will music from his brand new album, Patient Number 9, in the game? Or is it just a plain autograph signing with Ozzy at the Stern booth at the show? I know that this is my third post on this subject now, but when I get excited about a topic in pinball I like to talk about it…a lot LOL. That’s why I always end up publishing posts that have a typo or two that I have to go back in and fix. I get so excited to share news that I just let it fly ASAP :)

Speaking about Stern Pinball, there is a very good chance that a New In Box Stern will be arriving at the Knapp Arcade tomorrow. It’s one of my family’s current favorite games right now stay tuned for more info!

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