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Multimorphic Actively Looking to Expand; Another New Pinball Module Scheduled for Later This Year

Yesterday, I shared a link to the YouTube replay of Multimorphic's Friday night premier stream of the Company's cool-looking new Scott Danesi-designed pinball module Final Resistance. Late in the stream (the 1:22 mark), the Company shared a couple of interesting news tidbits.

"We're constantly growing. We're looking for more people. We're actually starting to look for more space. So we're hoping to increase our throughput as we progress through the year. What's eight to ten months now, that number of machines should be buildable in less time in the future. It's all a progression. We want to grow reasonably and responsibly. We don't want to hire 1,000 people right now and burn through the build queue in two weeks when we have a new game coming out later this year. It's all measured growth."

From that one statement, we learned both that Multimorphic is looking to expand its production facility and that it plans to launch another new P3 module later in 2023. Pretty cool.

Hat tip to my friend Dan Rosenstein for the heads up. Below is a link to the stream for anyone who missed it:

Replay of the Debut Stream of Multimorphic’s Final Resistance Pinball Module

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