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Multimorphic Temporarily Pauses New Game Development for Rest of Year; Increases P3 Production Speed

This morning, Multimorphic's founder Gerry Stellenberg sent out an e-mail update on the Company. Multimorphic can now produce 10 full new P3 machines per week. This has reduced the lead time for newly ordered machines to 4 to 6 weeks. Even with this improvement in production speed, they are in negotiations with their property manager to expand their current 10,000 sq-ft facility again.

Multimorphic has all game kits but Final Resistance in stock and ready to ship. The popularity of Final Resistance with current P3 owners has created a four month queue. In response to early feedback from owners of the module, Multimorphic is strengthening the game's drop target assembly and center wireform. Improved parts will be installed on new games going forward and sent to existing owners for free.

It's been eight months since Multimorphic revealed its most recent pinball module, the Scott Danesi-designed game Final Resistance. Some had been speculating that the Company might announce its next title at the upcoming Houston Arcade Expo, which takes place from November 10th through the 12th, since it is right in Multimorphic's backyard. However, the announcement of its next game, a licensed title, is "still a few months away."

The reason the next P3 game is still several months out is the Company has paused development of all future games so that it's engineering team can conduct an in-house review of P3 parts and materials to eliminate the issues that some customers have been experiencing with games. As a result of this pause, Multimorphic will not introduce another new pinball module in 2023 as it had originally planned. When new P3 pinball module development resumes, Multimorphic has an impressive "product roadmap that includes 3 licensed titles."

On a personal note, I know a number of people who love their P3 machines in home-use environments, but I have seen a large number of issues with P3 machines that locations try to operate for the public in both coin drop and free play arcades. Three of the four P3 machines that I have come across in arcades over the past several months were down. Hopefully, the engineering review will help the machines take the beating that all games receive on location better. It would be awesome from a consumer perspective to be able to play Multimorphic's games at more locations and cool for operators to own one single machine and be able to switch numerous game modules in and out of it.

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