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Multimorphic Pinball Plans to Release Two New Games in 2023

This morning Gerry Stellenberg, the founder of Multimorphic Pinball shared a fairly large business update. Gerry said that the company has been steadily growing its production team and increasing its manufacturing speeds, but it needs to continue to grow its team to catch up on production. Customers who have experienced a delay of more than a couple of months should see their orders go into production very soon.

Even though Multimorphic has increased its production speed and is beginning to chip away at its order backlog, it continues to receive new orders. As a result, lead-times for new orders remain at 12-13 months. New game development at Multimorphic continues. The Company plans to release two new full-featured P3 modules in 2023.

Multimorphic recently released two minor code updates for for both Weird Al's Museum of Natural Hilarity and Heist.

As a side note, a big congratulations to Gerry and his wife Sarah, who are expecting a new baby boy!

Speaking of the Multimorphic P3, I'm working on a new post that I hope to put up soon about a brewery that just put one on location. Stay tuned for that...

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