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The super-cool multi-game P3 pinball platform by Multimorphic Inc. is on the verge of revealing its first licensed game. Minutes ago, the company teased the upcoming announcement on its Facebook page using the following picture and statement:

"Just hammering out the final details..."

So what does everyone think? Is this teaser just a generic "Work In Progress" picture OR is it a hint as to what the next game will be? If it is a hint, what could the game be? Clash of the Titans, perhaps? I did a reverse Google search on the image and it returned pics a bunch of shirtless dudes with shredded abs, so no help there LOL. I'd love to hear others' guesses.

I continue to be very intrigued by the P3. When the P3 first came out, the games didn't do a whole lot for me and the price gave me extreme sticker shock. However, for me the release of the company's last game, Heist, was a complete game changer. It looks fantastic. The recent addition of the extraordinary pinball players Bowen Kerins and Colin MacAlpine to Multimorphic's team should even further enhance what is already a great product. Multimorphic's next game is even supposedly getting music from Scott Danesi, designer of Spooky Pinball's Total Nuclear Annihilation (TNA) and Rick and Morty pinball machines. The music for TNA is beloved by most in the hobby.

Add to that the fact that all New In Box pinball machine prices are rapidly approaching five figures and Multimorphic's P3 doesn't seem so exorbitantly priced any more. The ability to play multiple pinball games on the same machine would also be a huge bonus for someone like me, who is essentially completely out of room in his home arcade. I'm very tempted here. Let's see what the new game is. I can't wait for the company's reveal soon.

A picture of the Multimorphic's Heist game.

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