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Multimorphic Weird Al's Museum of Natural Hilarity Pinball Production Update, Price Increase, Code

A few minutes ago, the founder of Multimorphic pinball, Gerry Stellenberg, sent out an e-mail containing several announcements. First and foremost from my perspective is its production update. The Company stated that while it has taken longer than it had hoped, its team has grown significantly over the past few months. It is now approximately two months behind on its previously announced shipping estimates. It expects that delay to increase by another couple of weeks before they start to catch up. As before, Multimorphic still has plenty of parts for games, enough to fulfill its current orders. The approximate wait time for orders placed with the Company today has grown to 12 months.

Prices for the company's products remain the same for orders placed before the end of the month and for any previously ordered modules. Starting September 1st, the price of the Weird Al module will increase by $500. The prices will increase on other Multimorphic models as follows:

-- Weird Al's Museum of Natural Hilarity: $3,500

-- Heist: $3,250

-- Cosmic Cart Racing: $3,000

-- Lexy Lightspeed - Escape From Earth: $3,000 -- Cannon Lagoon: $1,800

Multimorphic did lower its prices for the downloadable P3 Mini-Games, ROCs and Grand Slam Rally by $200 to $199.

In the letter Gerry also announced the release of a major code update for its latest pinball module, Weird Al's Museum of Natural Hilarity. The code update, version, includes the game's previously announced "You Make Me" mini-wizard mode, Drink From The Firehose, and an enhanced UHF multiball, as well as "major" video performance improvements and dozens of feature changes and bug fixes.

In addition to the code update, Multimorphic released a new Limited Edition Asset Pack for Weird Al that adds LE translite images to the backbox image selection menu in the game app and "in a forthcoming Launcher carousel."

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