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Mystery Pinball Company Confirms that It Will Reveal New Game at Pinball Expo

As I mentioned here a couple of months ago after speaking with the Pinball Expo folks, the new Mystery Pinball Company confirmed this afternoon that it is indeed unveiling its first pinball machine at the upcoming Chicago Pinball Expo. They're even throwing in free pizza!

The reveal of the Company's first game, which is now rumored to be based upon the 1986 Jim Henson, Davie Bowie, Jennifer Connelly movie Labyrinth, is now officially scheduled to be revealed on Friday, October 19th at 9:30 PM.

Don’t miss the pizza party at

9:30 pm Friday Oct 19, at Pinball Expo.

Food, Drinks and Cash Bar.

Meet the team, play the game.

You will have an A-MAZE-ing time!

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For anyone who doesn’t know, she’s given 13 hours to find her brother In Labyrinth. All signs definitely pointing towards the Jim Henson/David Bowie cult classic. Looking forward to seeing it!


Is the reveal on Thursday October 19, or Friday October 20th? The article mixes up the day and date. Also, why is this event not on the 10.02.23 Expo Schedule of Events?

Oct 05, 2023
Replying to

I cut and pasted the time and date from the e-mail that they sent me. It says “Don’t miss the pizza party at 9:30 pm Friday Oct 19, at Pinball Expo.“

i assume they mean Friday. I’m not sure why it’s not mentioned in the Expo schedule.


Not even trying to hide it now

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