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Mystery Pinball Company Reveals Name, Confirms Labyrinth is Theme of First Game

Minutes ago, the Mystery Pinball Company that has been teasing us about its upcoming first pinball machine for months finally revealed its name, "Barrels of Fun Pinball" and confirmed that Labyrinth is indeed the theme of its game.

Below is a short teaser trailer that the company uploaded to YouTube. By pausing the video near the end, I was able to get a quick shot of what the new machine looks like. A full game reveal trailer is scheduled for Friday, October 13th.

A ton of well-known pinball people and industry veterans are involved in this project, including Scott Danesi, David van Es, Bowen Kerins, Eric Priepke, Phil Grimaldi and Brian Savage and more. I'm figuring out who's on the team as they slowly change their Facebook profile pictures to the company's exclamation point logo. I'll update the list as I find out more names.

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