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Mystery Pinball Company Shows Under Playfield and Factory Pictures

So I'm sitting here with my family on a Saturday night watching college football and BOOM 💥 another e-mail comes in from the Mystery Pinball Company.

This is good because it's been very quiet in the pinball and arcade world this week and I've been itching to write something. So, we now have pictures of the underside of the playfield of this new company's first game and a look at its factory.

The Saturday evening e-mail from good old George Spelvin said the following:

Thanks to all of you for playing along!  We appreciate your inquisitiveness.  We will have lots of stickers delivered next week and if you want to be ready for our game launch, please email me back your address.

The meaaage also included an image containing their exclamation point logo and the message "Your friend will raise the roof."

Ok analysis time folks. What do we see on the playfield and what could the clue mean? From the underside, the game looks pretty loaded.

I've heard that the company has told the Chicago Pinball Expo that they intend to be there. Will they bring the game or will it be more teasers?

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