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Mystery Playfield Makes Appearance in Stern Factory Friday Video

I always enjoy it when the eagle-eyes pinball community dissects the videos that manufacturers share on social media. Earlier this year someone figured out what we could see a glimpse of Stern Pinball’s Rush machine’s cabinet side art before the game was out.

Recently, a Pinside member named “DiabloRush” caught a glimpse of a try to be identified pinball playfield fifteen seconds into Stern’s always enjoyable Factory Friday video showing Star Wars machines on the line. The playfield appears to have at least two subways and a bank of five drop targets. Can anyone identify this game? As of this moment, no one has been able to.

UPDATE: I added a couple of enhanced photos to the bottom of this post. This is the best that I can do using my phone until I get home this afternoon. Some people on Facebook have pointed out that a bank of 5 drop targets could be used to spell out V-E-N-O-M

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