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New 4-Player Atari Food Fight Arcade Machine Revealed by Retro Arcade Remake

I've known for a couple of weeks that Retro Arcade Remake, the company that is currently manufacturing new machines of the arcade classic Taito Ice Cold Beer and that has commercial remakes of Zeke's Peak and Atari Warlords in the works, was going to bring a new arcade game to the upcoming Midwest Gaming Classic (MGC), but I didn't know what that game really was...until now.

Last night, the Company revealed their new project on the Indie Arcade Wave YouTube channel. It is a 4-Player remake of the 1983 Atari classic Food Fight. I'm actually a really big fan of the original Food Fight. It's a super fun game. I imagine that it would become exponentially more fun by making it a 4-Player simultaneous game for modern arcades.

The YouTube video embedded below provides a great behind-the-scenes look at the development of the new Atari Food Fight game. There's no word yet on what the arcade cabinet will look like or pricing and availability, but I suspect that we will find out a lot more at the game's public debut at MGC, which takes place from April 5th through the 7th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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