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To me, there’s few thinks that go better together in this world than breweries and pinball. Maybe chocolate and peanut butter, but it’s close. A brewery in Toledo, Ohio called HEAVY Beer Company just added a new pinball arcade.

They’re calling it “Mr. Wonderful's Pinball Palace.” Love the name 🙂. It opened this weekend and came out of the gates with a strong lineup of Apollo 13, Addams Family, the Simpsons, and the newest machine on the block, RUSH!

I really need to hit up a pinball brewery again one of these days speaking of arcade trips, I have not one but hopefully two scheduled to check out for everyone today. Plus the big Twitch stream from Cliff Albert’s pinball studio is tonight. There’s lots of cool stuff on tap here at Knapp Arcade so stay tuned (see what I did there with the brewery reference lol).

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