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New Atari Warlords 4-Player Cocktail Arcade Remake In the Works

Over the years, there's few games that I've come across that are more fun for a group of people to play than Atari's 4-Player Classic Warlords. The 4-player cocktail version of that classic arcade game is AMAZING...and of course it is priced as such on the open market. I wanted one so badly that I actually bought the Arcade1Up Bartable PONG machine, which contains 4-player Warlords as one of its games (more on that later).

The company which is in the process of remaking an official licensed version of Taito's 1983 classic Ice Cold Beer, Retro Arcade Remake, announced this morning that it is also working on a prototype 4-Player Warlords bartop machine for Atari. The specific machine that they are showing off at the IAAPA show today is a proof of concept to demonstrate what they are capable of.

The demo unit was designed to be taller than the original 4-Player Warlords cabinet. It will support either a 25" CRT or a LCD. The top is a reflective surface that looks like a black table when the game is off. It will come with a coin door so that it can be used as a coin operated machine. They plan to add Bluetooth integration and high score save to the game.

Atari seems to have done really well with the mechanical Pong remake machines that came out a couple of years ago. So why not bring out Warlords? I bet that a sturdy Warlords remake would sell great.

Below I have embedded the Company's announcement video from IAAPA, some grainy video captures of the new machine and pictures of my boys playing our Arcade1Up Warlords machine. If you're in Florida and can check out the IAAPA show, give them a visit at Booth 1717.

Below is the Arcade1Up Pong - Warlords bar machine:

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Todd Tuckey
Todd Tuckey
Nov 15, 2022

GREAT idea!!

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