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New Code Update With Multiball Stacking Coming to Stern Pinball James Bond Next Week

Yesterday afternoon, Stern Pinball's George Gomez and Mike Vinikour appeared on the Marco Pinball's always informative PinTech Live stream to talk about Stern's newest game, James Bond.

George lead off the stream with the news that all James Bond owners have been waiting for, multiball stacking will be available in a new code update to the game next week. In the early versions of the code, starting a multiball automatically terminated a mode in the game and everyone knows that the way to score big points is to start a mode and then start a multiball. There's nothing worse, OK not nothing worse but it is frustrating, then having a mode almost ready to go and then starting a multiball first by accident.

Next week's code update will probably include a Dr. No mode, bringing the total number of modes in the game now to around 20. It will also contain additional polishing of the rules.

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