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New Completely Interactive Pinball Speaker Light Kit for Music Pins

I've seen a lot of cool speaker mod kits over the years, the recent Godzilla burning building mod immediately comes to mind, but I don't recall ever seeing a speaker light kit that was completely interactive with music like the new Kodelia Expression Lighting System. Composed of 96 RGB LEDs, it looks amazing, the kit hooks up to the speakers of Stern pinball machines without any soldering.

Below is a video of the kit hooked up on Stern Pinball's new Rush game and I have to say, this kit is absolutely perfect for music pins. The video is of a prototype of the kit. They expect the official version to go sale in two to three weeks. Pricing has not been announced yet either. Music pins generally aren't my thing (I love playing them, not really owning burns me out on the songs), so I currently have zero in my lineup, but if I had one I'd definitely consider getting this. I have no affiliation with the product, other than the fact that I get excited when I see cool pinball stuff :) .

Check out the latest big game mod from Outpost Kodelia, our Expressive Speaker Lights! These are the most advanced and the only truly interactive pinball speaker lights available on the market. They link directly into the Stern Expression lighting System and turn your boring old speakers into a dazzling extension of those glorious art blade lights. Each speaker boasts 48 discretely controllable RGB LED lights that perfectly mirror the action of the expression lights. Compatible with both factory and the aftermarket PinWoofer speakers. Compatible with any game with the Stern Expression Lighting System. Note that your game must already have the Stern Expression Lighting System installed in order to use this mod. Coming soon to the NinjaCamp Pinside store!

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