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New Details on This is Spinal Tap Pinball...The First Video, Pricing, Etc.

As I mentioned yesterday, details of Homepin's This is Spinal Tap Pinball Machine were imminent. Well, here they are. Below is the first video of the machine in action. Unfortunately, the video is very short but I'm sure that we will get to see a lot more as the Newcastle Pinfest continues this weekend.

Pricing of the game is $9,495 USD / $14,195 AUD. More information about the delivery schedule for the game as well as better photos and video will be available next week.

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Jack Gutowitz
Jack Gutowitz

A major step up from Thunder Birds, but that's a steep price. People were hesitant about the amazing and proven TNA reboot at 9k. 500 extra for a pin from a company with a bad track record is a hard pill to swallow. And definitely not worth as much as a Stern Premium. Looks cool though, wouldn't mind giving it a couple flips at an arcade.

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