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New Details on Scott Danesi’s Multimorphic Game Final Resistance From Buffalo Pinball Interview

This morning Buffalo Pinball and Kevin Manne shared a great interview with Scott Danesi about his brand new pinball module for the Multimorphic P3 platform, Final Resistance on YouTube. Hilariously, the entire interview is conducted payphone to payphone. They're giving me flashbacks of collect calling my parents to pick me up from the mall back in the day LOL.

Here's my notes on the interview:

  • Much like the beloved music from Scott's first pinball machine Total Nuclear Annihilation, the music from Final Resistance will be released as an album. There will be a limited edition cassette and vinyl again.

  • Kevin from Buffalo Pinball is flying to Texas next Friday to do the first ever gameplay stream of Final Resistance at 8:00 EST on Twitch.

  • Final Resistance is not a continuation of TNA, it's just in the same cyber-punk style.

  • In the game players are part of a group of people in a dystopian world trying to save their city from an alien invasion.

  • There is a large alien ship on the back right of the playfield that has a shield that blocks shots. Players must do things in the game to get the shield to move so they can hit the ship and lock balls.

  • The ship has a cannon that fires balls back at the player in rapid succession, like nothing that has been done before in pinball.

  • The playfield was designed to win over people who are skeptical of the P3 because of the LCD screen. So it plays like a traditional pinball machine with a few little bits and pieces of cool LCD stuff sprinkled on top. The virtual playfield inserts never move or go away, even in attract mode.

  • The game has a timer between the flippers that's always there, just like in Rick and Morty and TNA.

  • The game has alpha-numeric score displays in the backbox at all times.

  • The spinner has a counter on the playfield.

  • Final Resistance will be available to play at the Texas Pinball Festival.

  • There's a ton of Easter Eggs in the game's art.

I have embedded the video below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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