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New Details on the Upcoming Stern Venom Pinball Machine

We received some additional details on Stern Pinball's recently announced upcoming Venom pinball machine last night on the regular YouTube pinball show Flip N Out with Friends, hosted by Joel Engelberth. The panel on the show, which included Hadi from Frisco Pinball, Shawn from Pride Pinball and George from Don't Panic Flip, were discussing Venom when Stern Pinball's coder Dwight Sullivan showed up in the comments section of the stream. Dwight shared several interesting new details on the game with everyone ahead of next week's full reveal. They included:

- Dwight is the lead coder on the game. He is the right man for the job on this game because he has been a big fan of this theme for years. He had all of the Venom comics growing up.

- Stern's Raymond Davidson is also working on the Venom code.

- The Venom team is working on an exceptional topper for the game. They are thinking about making the Venom topper exceed Stern's recent super fancy topper for Mandalorian.

- Dwight spoke very highly of Venom's LCD animations and sound package.

- In the pin the supervillain Carnage has drones, which serve as enemies in the game.

- The action button on Venom is going to do something that has never been done before.

Good stuff! I've embedded the show below for anyone who wants to check it out:

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I caught the stream

last night. Was a good time! Can’t wait for the topper!!


Pinball Party
Pinball Party
Jul 13, 2023

look at that handsome gaggle of gentleman. Great content as always!

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