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New Final Resistance Pinball Podcast & Stream

On the heels of yesterday's announcement that the newest pinball module for the Multimorphic P3, Final Resistance, has begun shipping we have a ton of brand new content on the game out there. First up, the Loserkid pinball podcast sat down for an interview with the game's creator Scott Danesi and programmer Michael Ocean to talk about the game's development, rules, features and more. Check out that episode via the link or embedded YouTube video below for everything that you wanted to know about the game.

Next up, there's going be a brand new live stream of Final Resistance and its latest code tonight courtesy of the Twitch channel Fliptronic. Make sure to stop by the stream tonight at 7:00 PM Central Time. Baring unforeseen parental responsibilities, I'll be there watching. I can't wait to see Final Resistance in action!

Fliptronic on Twitch:

Ep 116: Final Resistance with Scott Danesi and Micheal Ocean

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