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New Game Coming for the Multimorphic P3 Platform; Surplus Game Sale at the Pacific Pinball Museum; Overwatch Pinball Launch Party

Here's today's pinball news bites.

We start things off with a new downloadable game on Multimorphic's P3 pinball platform. The new game, designed by Ian Harrower, is for use on the machine's unique the "Drained" module. Below is a description:

"Quit stalking and start chalking. Inspired by the billiards-based pinball machines of the past, Blood Bank Billiards is a tribute to the electromechanical era of pinball with a modern twist.

Designed for the Drained playfield module from For Amusement Only Games for Multimorphic’s P3 Pinball Platform.

  • The 2 banks of drop targets and back 8 standup targets represent the 14 solids and stripes of eight ball.

  • The gobble hole represents the eight ball.

  • The other 14 standup targets represent the Blood Bank and are in a 1:1 mapping with the object balls.

  • Thematic integration of physical bell and physical knocker.

  • 1 to 4 players can play.

  • Custom artwork by Ian Harrower:

    • Inspired by electromechanical machines, the game shows all scoring and game state using simulated score reels and translite.

    • Engaging playfield graphics that mix the look of silk-screened wood and inserts with some modern surprises.

  • Over 300 custom callouts performed by Glenn Waetcher.

The game costs $200 and is available for immediate download on P3 machine. You can check it out by watching the following embedded trailer:


If you've never had an opportunity to check out the massive game storage warehouse of the great California location, the Pacific Pinball Museum, now is your chance. During the first weekend in June, the Museum is holding a silent auction to sell a number of surplus games. Below is a preview video of the event that was recently filmed by Erica's Pinball Journey. If I was in the area, I'd totally make a day out of getting a peek at the massive warehouse, maybe buying a game and then heading over to the arcade itself in Almeda, California.


Next up, we have the cool new Overwatch pinball machine that I wrote about here a couple of weeks ago. Here's a link to the original article for anyone who missed it:

Amazing New Overwatch Homebrew Pinball Machine to Make Public Debut at Pinball Expo

It turns out, that the game will be making its public debut before Pinball Expo. The cool Pinball Gallery arcade in Malvern, PA (which my family and I have visited many times over the years when my sons had summer lacrosse tournaments in the area), is hosting a launch party for Overwatch pinball on Saturday, July 20th. Here's the deets:

"Join us all day on Saturday July 20, 2024 for an Overwatch pinball launch party.  Overwatch is a homebrew pinball machine developed by a local customer's family.  You can meet them on launch party day and they will be happy to answer questions about the design/build process and demo its features. 

Later on that day, we are also having an open pinball tournament which will start at 6pm sharp.  We will be open from 2pm until the end of the tournament (around 10pm?) and will be giving away door prizes (Pinball Gallery SWAG, gift cards, Overwatch-themed SWAG) all day.

The pinball tournament is IFPA sanctioned and will consist of 10 matches (or more depending on the number of participants and how quickly the tournament progresses) using a Max Match Play format (similar to Flip Frenzy), with the top 4, 8, 16, or 32 players (depending on number of participants) advancing to a final round of playoffs.  The final match will be played played on Overwatch.

Normal admission rates apply to attend the party or play in the tournament.  However, if you play in the tournament there is an additional $5 entry fee, 100% of which is used to fund a prize pool for the tournament less IFPA sanctioning fees.

If you have a Matchplay account, please click HERE to RSVP for the tournament, to help expedite and simplify the registration process.

Hope you can join us to come see and play this unique machine and help celebrate the hard work that made this achievement possible.

You can click on this Pinside thread for more info on their journey to produce this pinball machine."


Last up, I have an article on the new BBC ad campaign for the FIFA World Cup. The entire 40 second commercial that the BBC is using to promote its big football (no not football Americano, soccer) coverage this summer guessed it, pinball-themed. Click on the article below to check it out.

BBC's Euro 2024 Pinball World Is a Feast for the Eyes

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