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NEW GAME REVEAL! Jersey Jack Pinball's Elton John

It's the best day of the week...NEW GAME DAY! Minutes ago, Jersey Jack Pinball (JJP) revealed its next pinball machine - Elton John.

The game marks the return of the "Master of Flow" Steve Ritchie and his first game at JJP. Two different artists did the art for Elton John. Christopher Franchi did the art package for the Platinum Edition of the machine, formerly known as the Limited Edition. The art on the Collector's Edition was done by John Youssi and Jean-Paul De win. The Collector's Edition is limited to 1,000 units. Pricing for the machines remains unchanged.

The machines have custom callouts by Sir Elton John himself and include 16 of his greatest hits. At first glance, I'm really curious to see the Collector's Edition "SUPERSTAR" topper with dual LCD screens and a laser light show. I also really want to check out how Steve Ritchie's JJP "Supercharged" flippers feel.

Below are all the juicy details of this awesome new game, including tons of pictures. I can't wait to see it in action!

Official Press Release:



Chicago (October 19, 2023) – Jersey Jack Pinball (JJP) has partnered with musical icon Elton John on its latest masterpiece, Elton John Pinball, now available for purchase!

This remarkable pinball machine—designed and manufactured in the United States by JJP in close collaboration with Elton John—ushers in a new era of kinetic entertainment, featuring state-of-the-art technology, innovative design, and a dynamic music experience, including songs such as Rocket Man, Tiny Dancer, Bennie And The Jets, and many more of Elton’s greatest hits.

Hall of Fame game designer Steve Ritchie and his team have created a pinball experience that will delight casual players, collectors, and enthusiasts alike, showcasing Elton John’s legendary career through the inventiveness and quality that are synonymous with Jersey Jack Pinball. Arcades and collectors can now own a cherished piece of musical history and pinball artistry, melded into one exceptional collectible.

“Having Elton John actively involved in the creative process sets a new standard for pinball machines and showcases the passion and artistry that go into every aspect of JJP games,” says Steve Ritchie.

Featuring Elton John's iconic songs, legendary performances, and dazzling stage presence, Elton John Pinball machine takes players on a pinball journey inspired by his illustrious career. The game is a playable masterpiece, merging cutting-edge sound, video, and game design with groundbreaking technology. Players are transported to the front row of his live performances as they groove to 16 full-length studio master tracks delivered through a 120-Watt, 2.1 stereo sound system. The game further comes to life with over 1,000 interactive LED lights and multiple LCD displays. Animations and exclusive footage from Elton’s remarkable career complete the overall package.

Elton John Pinball can be purchased directly through an authorized Jersey Jack Pinball distributor. A complete list of distributors can be found at Award-Winning Designs Get ready for a fast-paced pinball experience from Jersey Jack Pinball designer Steve Ritchie, widely known as the King of Pinball and the Master of Flow. Ritchie’s celebrated and award-winning pinball designs include such titles as Star Wars, Elvis, AC/DC, and more. The machine features hand-drawn artwork packages from artists Christopher Franchi, John Youssi, and Jean-Paul De Win. Rules and software design were led by industry veteran Bill Grupp. This game is truly music to your ears, with 16 Elton John studio master tracks with custom voice callouts by Elton himself. Platinum and Collector’s Edition playfields are packed with features, including an interactive Elton John toy, a rocket sculpture with LED flames, a Tiny Dancer motorized toy, a Crocodile Rock physical lock toy, a grand piano three-ball lock with diverter, a micro LED piano marquee, 14 multi-LED star inserts, Rocka-Box three-bank drop targets, three multi-LED Bennie and the Jets bumpers, two rapid spinner targets, and more!

Platinum and Collector’s Editions The Platinum and Collector’s Edition models are now available for purchase. The Platinum Edition includes Platinum metallic armor, Sparkle RadCals with an exclusive cabinet art package by artist Christopher Franchi, inner-art blades, a dual layer acrylic LED topper, 1,294+ individually controllable RGB LEDs, company founder Jack Guarnieri signature card, and an individually numbered Platinum Edition plaque. The Platinum Edition is available for purchase at $12,000 USD. The highly anticipated Collector's Edition includes an interactive dual-monitor “SUPERSTAR” topper with laser light show, golden metallic laser-cut armor, gold sparkle RadCals with an exclusive CE art package by John Youssi and Jean-Paul De win, inner-art blades, a sparkle playfield, a mirrored backglass, 1,570 individually controlled RGB LEDs, interactive cabinet light show with 260+ individually controlled RGB LEDs, a holographic bottom arch, a laser-cut action button plate, designer Steve Ritchie’s signature card, and an individually numbered Collector’s Edition plaque. The Collector’s Edition is limited to only 1,000 units and is available for purchase at $15,000 USD.

Elton John Collector's Edition Flyer:

Elton John Platinum Edition Flyer:

Collector's Edition Pictures:

Platinum Edition Pictures:

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Maison Taylor
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Honestly, it looks way better than I thought and I can definitely see the huge BOM increase. Not a theme for me, but it looks awesome.

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