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New Halloween Code Contains a Surprise Addition

The folks at Spooky Pinball have been hard at work improving the code for the company's new Halloween pinball machine. They recently launched a new code update, Version 1.06, for Halloween. The code contains new multiball modes and a surprise addition (at least for me)...a licensed song. Blue Oyster Cult's tune “Don’t Fear the Reaper” is now in the game. That's pretty cool.

Aside ---- This reminds me of back in the day when Stern Pinball launched Guardians of the Galaxy pinball without many of the movie's iconic songs and everyone freaked out so they added more in a code update.

Spooky also released a code update for Halloween's sister game Ultraman that contains new much-requested full screen clips.

I actually heard about the new Halloween song song yesterday from Ron and Bruce during my guest appearance on the fantastic Slam Tilt Podcast (more on that in a couple of days). But I'll give credit where credit is due to Jon from "Williamsburg Brooklyn's Premiere Dive and Pinball Bar" Jackbar for reminded me about the news in a recent post and he shared the graphic below. Jackbar is a great pinball venue in Brooklyn, NYC. They have Halloween on location with the new code installed so get over there, grab a beer, drop in a few quarters and check the latest update out.

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