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New Hour-Long Gameplay Stream of Improved Magic Girl Pinball Machine

Yesterday I shared a picture of the stunningly beautiful, but controversial Zidware Magic Girl pinball machine that I took at the Cointaker Super Awesome Pinball Tailgate Party in the Knapp Arcade Instagram account. I share a picture of a rare pinball or arcade machine that I saw on location there daily (

Many people asked me if that game worked. Alas, it does not. The story of the game is sad. It's creator, John Popaduik, essentially sold an expensive box of blinking lights to the few customers that he did deliver anything to.

There is actually a handful of Magic Girls that do in Europe that a grow up of gentlemen spent a lot of time and money getting to work. The Twitch streamer Pinballboygermany did an hour-long stream of one of them several weeks ago on Twitch. Thanks to him for reaching out to me this morning to give me a heads up about it. I have embedded a replay of the stream below for anyone who wants to check it out.

As a side note, one of these improved Magic Girl machines is supposedly going to make an appearance at the upcoming Chicago Pinball Expo where attendees will be able to play it.

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