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New Info on HEXA Pinball "Space Hunt" - Pricing, Pictures, Details...

Minutes ago the new French Pinball manufacturer HEXA Pinball released new details on its debut title "Space Hunt." They have priced the game at 8,900 Euros, or approximately $9,580 U.S. Dollars at the current exchange rate.

An upgrade package called the "Elegance Package" that includes a mirrored backglass, RadCals, powder coated armor, inner art blades, anti-reflective glass, PinSound speakers and a shaker motor is available for an additional 2,100 Euros, or $2,260 USD.

The game is now available for pre-order through three French distributors (listed below).

"D-day friends

The whole team is proud and happy to reveal HEXA Pinball's first pinball machine, the SPACE HUNT!

Designed and manufactured in France

Are you ready ?!

“Play as Spherus, the last free representative of your people. Enslaved by Space Hunters, and hunted for hundreds of years.

When all seems lost in your fight for freedom, you receive unexpected help which will modify the balance of power.

It's now time to free your people! »

Come on, we won't keep you any longer around here, goooooo on the official website to find more informations

You can now pre-order your pinball machine !

PS: Don't forget... See you on June 10 & 11 at the Salon de Pontacq for the first reveal of the pinball machine

PSS: Yes you can touch it there and even discover a preview of some exclusives that we haven't revealed yet

PSSS: So excited to meet you!

---- HEXA Pinball Manufacturer of French Pinball Find all the news at And subscribe to the Newsletter to receive the latest news."

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