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New Jon Norris Pinball Machine Design - Golden Buffalo

After sharing his cool "CHAMPS ELYSEES" Street Level-esque pinball design with the World back in June, the well-known pinball designer Jon Norris is back sharing a second new design on his Facebook page. This second design is for a game that he calls "GOLDEN BUFFALO." It uses a Video Slot Machine design and looks very cool. I'd love to see a manufacturer build one of these games.

"GOLDEN BUFFALO Video Slot Machine theme pinball machine.

Here is my latest pinball design. It uses off-the-shelf assemblies & mechs. The upper target banks can be standups or Gottlieb Style (Narrow Footprint) Drop Targets. Its upper target bank area is from Gottlieb Hot Shots, but I added 2 more Pop Bumpers and a Slingshot above the Pops to form a “Power Diamond”. There is room on playfield to add a unique mech at top left corner at upper plastic ramp output.

Two rule sets (player chooses at game start), the MORE LUCK version allows slot spins to trigger pinball features and the MORE SKILL version eliminates all random features and adds some advanced pinball features for proficient pinball players. There are different champion tables for each rule set version.

The Slot machine uses a small LCD screen to display slot spins. Slot machine (MORE LUCK Version) features actual “Free Spins” slot bonuses. Player can stop the reels (just like on a real slot machine) by pressing flipper button or skip all pending slot spins and warp to summary screen by pressing action button. (Summary screen lists result of all skipped slot spins)

Perfect candidate to use a famous slot machine license such as Buffalo Gold, Dancing Drums, Reel’ Em In, Cleopatra, 5 Dragons, Wheel of Fortune, etc."

Here's a link to the first machine that Jon shared a couple of months ago for anyone who's interested:

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