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Hi everyone. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I taught myself to build a website for Knapp Arcade. My inspiration for doing so was to prevent all of the reports and pictures that I have taken over the years from slowly disappearing into the Facebook abyss as time passes. Now anyone who is looking for a new arcade to visit or just wants to see cool pictures of pinball and arcade machines can just hop on over to and check out all of my posts from over the years.

As I continue to learn about the capabilities of the new site, I figured out today that I can add a forum section to it. As soon as I saw that I thought to myself, "A way to interact with all of my arcade and pinball friends in a friendly environment like my FB page? Heck yeah. I'm in."

Over the years I have been a paid forum moderator for a number of companies from to The Motley Fool so moderating and speaking with others in forums is almost second nature to me at this point. I'm pleased to announce that the Forums section of is now LIVE. It's super easy to register to post. All you need is a Facebook or Google account. So far, the forum software seems pretty solid. We'll see how it goes. I figured that I'd turn it on and give it a shot. I'd love it if you folks who visit here stop by the forums and say hello. Show everyone pictures of your home arcades, cool locations that you've been to or new games. Let's talk. Hope to see you there.

To go to the new forum, just click on the word "Forum" that appears in the top right corner of

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