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New Multimorphic P3 Pinball Module Final Resistance Breaks Sales Records Set by Weird Al

This morning Multimorphic's founder Gerry Stellenberg shared an update on the company. Perhaps the most noteworthy piece of news to come out of it is the company's new Scott Danesi-designed module Final Resistance has broken the sales records that were previously set by Weird Al's Museum of Natural Hilarity. Congratulations to Scott, Gerry and the team. It's impressive to see an unlicensed theme outsell a licensed one. That's a testament to how well-respected Danesi is in the industry and the growth of the P3 platform.

Multimorphic also shared a production update. Having grown its assembly team, it is nearly all caught up on existing orders of its Weird Al, Heist and Cosmic Cart Racing modules. It expects those queues to be clear in the next couple of weeks. Its queue for Cannon Lagoon is clear and it expects to ship all of the ordered playfields for Lexi Lightspeed in the next 4 to 6 weeks.

While the speed of its module production has increased, Multimorphic has not scaled up its production of P3 cabinets as quickly. The machines that it is building today were originally scheduled for production in mid-to-late January, so they are around 3.5 months behind their original shipping estimates for full machines.

Multimorphic has pushed back its production of Final Resistance modules a few weeks as it waits for parts that meet its specs to arrive. The current estimate is for a start of Final Resistance production in late June to early July. Once production of that game begins, Multimorphic expects to crank out all modules ordered by current P3 owners in less than six months.

I have embedded the stream that Buffalo Pinball did of Final Resistance a month or so ago for anyone who missed it (or those who just want to watch it again I guess lol):

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Gothenburg Pinball
Gothenburg Pinball
May 10, 2023

I believe that this is a perfect example of less is more. That Denise has scaled down the razzle dazzle on the screen and focus it more on what is good and not cram all the possible functions the P3 has.

For me personally I had the same feeling with the new Pulp Fiction, that scales down what pinball has become lately.

I mean, try to have a few beers and figure out latest Avengers by Stern without no explaining, just a bunch of coins.

Less is more!


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