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New Mystery Pinball Company Reaches Out to Us With Clues

Late last night, the Knapp Arcade Inbox received a mysterious e-mail from a "George Spelvin" at the e-mail address . Of course, I didn't get around to checking that e-mail account until this afternoon. Then I had to sit on this post because of the fascinating Harry Potter and The Matrix pinball news that I shared earlier, but now it's time to talk about this.

The message said the following:

"You saw this at TPF:

[Editor's Note. I do remember seeing pictures of that from TPF and I think that I may have even written about it at the time]

You missed this at Allentown:

[Editor's Note: Well, I wasn't at Allentown, so I technically didn't "miss" it per se LOL]

Some of you think we are Tilt-Bob?

We ain't Tilt and we are certainly not Bob... keep guessing!

More clues WILL follow."

Hmmmmm. I wonder what this is all about. It appears as though there is another mystery pinball company in addition to the one that I unearthed in my article about Tilt Bob pinball a few weeks ago. Either that or someone is playing a somewhat elaborate prank.

We haven't seen a secret decoder ring pinball mystery like this since Chris Turner dropped all sorts of complicated mathematic clues about his new company Turner Pinball a year or so ago.

Does anyone have any idea what this is all about? I certainly don't. When I saw that there was an actual name associated with the secret e-mail address, I thought to myself "AH HA! I caught you." Then I Googled the name. Aaaaand, not so much. According to Wikipedia, the name "George Spelvin" is...

George Spelvin, Georgette Spelvin, and Georgina Spelvin are traditional pseudonyms used in programs in American theater.

"Georgina Spelvin" has fallen out of general use since it was adopted as a screen name by pornographic actress Shelley Graham, who was credited by that name in The Devil in Miss Jones (1973) and her subsequent films.

OK then LOL, I guess that's not a real name after all. So much for that. I'd love to hear others theories as to what this mystery is all about.

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