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New Pictures of Multimorphic Weird Al Pinball Production. Parts in House. People Needed.

The folks at Buffalo Pinball have long been some of the biggest proponents of Multimprohic's P3 system. Buffalo's Kevin and Nick recently shared an update on the company's production and a few new pictures of the company's factory on their awesome “Bro, do you even talk pinball?” show.

Unlike the parts problems that many pinball manufacturers have run into lately, Multimorphic seems to have an ample number of parts in house to produce their P3 machines and Weird Al's Museum of Natural Hilarity modules, but...they don't have enough employees to put them together. The company is slowly scaling up production and is actively looking for more employees to assemble games at its Round Rock, TX headquarters.

Here's a link to the latest episode of “Bro, do you even talk pinball?”:

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