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Everyone who is a fan of classic arcade games knows Dragon's Lair. Back in 1983 Don Bluth's animations created what many, including myself, consider to be the best looking arcade game of all time...even to this day. When this laser disc classic came out in the arcade, it was one of the first to break the $0.50 per play barrier. I have vivid memories of a big, beautiful Dragon's Lair machine with a second monitor op top so that crowds could gather to watch the game being played, kicking my butt and gobbling up my quarters at the roller rink that everyone had their birthday parties at back in my youth. Man I was bad at that game. But it looks so good! I have a port of the game on my Nintendo Switch that I still play today.

Nostalgia for Dragon's Lair is alive and well. In fact, an Italian gentleman named Enea Toluzzo has supposedly secured the license to manufacture a Dragon's Lair-themed pinball machine. He recently shared several awesome pictures of a prototype game in the process of being built.

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