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New Pinball Location...The Local - Schenectady, NY

Recently I've been hearing talk that there's an awesome new pinball location in New York State called "The Local." Mike McGough was kind enough to reach out to me last night with a bunch of pictures of the pinball lineup there that I can share with everyone. I have to say, it certainly is impressive. Not only does the location have a ton of pinball machines, they have a bunch of really new titles like American Pinball's Legends of Valhalla and Stern's Godzilla.

This place is so new that it doesn't even show up on my go-to source for venue information, Pinball Map, yet. There sure is a lot of bars out there called "The Local" but I was able to find the website for the one that we're talking about. It looks like its full name is technically "The Local. Food. Friends. Fun" or The Local FFF for short. And while the website says that it's located in Schenectady, some people say that it's in Rotterdam.

The Local seems to have a ton of stuff to do beyond pinball, including axe throwing, billiards, bowling, karaoke, some sort of billiards / soccer hybrid called "Futpool" (man I want to try that), Giant Beer Pong, an arcade that includes video games like The Walking Dead, New Jurassic Park and Big Buck Wild HD, air hockey, escape rooms and food and drinks. Whew. Now I want to go here lol. It appears to be two hours and fifteen minutes from me. Not exactly next door, but maybe I'll stop there someday on one of the arcade road trips.

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