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New Pinball Trademark Filed for...PinJack

In this week's pinball trademark news, we have a very useful accessory...the "PinJack." A Trademark for the term was filed by an entity named "Press On Products" in mid-March.

This device slides under the leg of a pinball machine, enabling the user to jack it up to more easily level the game. This thing sure beats my traditional methods of leveling pinball machines. Typically I use one of two techniques. Right after I had my most recent heart surgery I balanced a large rectangular Igloo cooler on top of a car jack to life my pins up. More recently, I've gotten lazier and just go under the pin, lifting it up with my back or legs while adjusting the levelers. Neither of those methods is exactly ideal lol.

I may have to pick up a PinJack. It is currently for sale on Marco Specialties website for $124.99. The device is also available for sale directly at the Press On Products website.

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