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New Presentation Reveals Previously Unknown Deeproot Pinball Theme

This weekend the New York City Pinball Championships is being held in Brooklyn. I've been thoroughly enjoying watching the tournament's Twitch stream by the always excellent Backhand Pinball. Early on at the event they held several seminars, including the one on the story of Deeproot Pinball by "The Worst of All Possible Worlds" podcast, featuring the subject's defacto expert Blueberry Johnson. I'm very familiar with the saga, but one thing came out of the presentation was a previously unknown (at least to me) pinball title that Deeproot was working on prior to its demise..."Men In Black Alien Crisis."

I personally find it very hard to believe that Deeproot had actually secured the license for this theme, but it is interesting to see the art nonetheless. Below is a link to Backhand Pinball's Twitch channel, where you can watch today's exciting conclusion of the NYC Pinball Championship and I believe a replay of the presentations. Also, I have included a number of never before seen pictures that Blueberry Johnson just shared up on Pinside.

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