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New Queen Pinball Sound Package from David Thiel, Queen Arrives Down Under, Production Capacity

Pinball Brothers, manufacturer of the new Queen Pinball machine and prior to that Alien, announced a few hours ago that it has started publishing a quarterly newsletter with updates on the Company and its products.

The inaugural issue of the newsletter contained mostly information that I have written about here on Knapp Arcade already, however we did get to see an interesting behind-the-scenes look at Pinball Brothers' playfield manufacturer in Hamburg, Germany.

Beyond that, the newsletter contained information on and pictures of Pinball Brothers' recent trip to the Texas Pinball Festival, news of a new code update for Queen (Version 0.91), and information on Pinball Brothers' new joint venture with Pedretti Gaming, Euro Pinball Corp.

The latest Code update for Queen contains a brand new audio package by the renowned pinball sound engineer David Thiel.

I probably mentioned this when Euro Pinball Corp. was initially unveiled, Euro Pinball Corp. opened a new 1,500 Square meter (16145.87 Square Feet for Americans). Combined with new employees, the factory is capable of building 80 to 120 games per month on two assembly lines that can produce two different games at the same time.

Speaking of Queen pinball, the Australian distributor Mr. Pinball Australia recently shared pictures of a shipment of Queen Limited Edition machines arriving Down Under. To my knowledge, these are the first Queens to arrive in the country.

Pictures from the playfield manufacturer:

Pictures of Pinball Brothers at the Texas Pinball Festival:

A picture of Euro Pinball Corp.'s new factory:

Pictures of Queen LEs arriving in Australia:

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